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Pushing Forward New Models OfMobile Access And Sponsorship
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Connecting Brands With Your Target Customers

Yours is a battle for your customer’s attention. To win you need a way to rise above the clutter, to move beyond reach and frequency by cultivating a deep, personal, long-term connection with your audience.

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Create Targeted Impressions

You know your audience and now we can help you reach them at the right time and right place to deliver the right message. Now go get them!

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Provide Value to Your Customers

Your customers don't want to see mobile advertisements, there is already too much clutter, they want value. Targeting your offer while sponsoring their mobile data experience brings real value, a true win-win. Our platform provides a new form of sponsorship that event and property managers can offer for brand advertisement.

Solutions Now and Later

In addition to our mobile access platform, we're continuing to enhance the venue experience through our innovative Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable our solution to be integrated into third party apps. And this is just the beginning as we continue working hard to develop future solutions to better connect the world around us. If you are interested in working with us to better capture the attention of your targeted audience, please share your email...