How Our Mobile Access and Sponsorship Platform Works

Target mobile customers wherever they are - anyplace, anytime

Select your desired geographic area around a specific venue be that concerts, malls, sporting events, retail locations, and the list goes on and on. All notifications and customer touchpoints, such as the venue description and brand launch page, are designed by you based on our provided style guide. Event organizers also benefit by increased visibility of their event or venue.

Targeted subscribers are where you want them

Subscribers enter the geofence. The sponsorship of a subscriber's data begins when the subscriber enters an event or location, and the subscriber receives a notification on his or her mobile device indicating that sponsored mobile data is available, compliments of you. After accepting the sponsored data offer, subscribers can use any application on their mobile device confident that their data usage is not being counted against their data buckets. Of course, specific sponsorships beyond mobile data are also available.

Subscribers are opting-in, now make an Impression

Subscribers connect to your sponsored offer. Acceptance of the sponsored data offer begins a persistent relationship between the subscriber and the brand, which lasts as long as the subscriber is at the event or location. Brands can reinforce their messaging with subscribers while this relationship is in effect using numerous vehicles, for example, displaying launch pages or through tie-ins with social media.

Maintain Brand and Event Touch Points Throughout the Duration of the Event

Brands can further leverage the relationship with the subscriber by displaying persistent or timed notifications indicating that the sponsorship is active. When subscribers leave the geofence (or other conditions occur which end the subscriber's sponsorship eligibility) we will alert them and give you one more "brand touchpoint" on their way out.

Experience you can trust

BroadView Communications guarantees a highly effective, cost efficient, customizable, and secure advertising campaign for you and your brand. Backed by 200 years of mobile telecom and application development expertise, BroadView Communications utilizes the following technology know-how to provide a reliable and trusted sponsorship experience:

  • Advanced, patented, mobile access and sponsorship platform
  • Carrier Grade LTE along with BroadView Communications provided encryption ensures total privacy and security of customer data
  • Applications developed in conjunction with AT&T Sponsored Data
  • Advanced, high performing cloud-based applications, technologies, and tools hosted on IBM Softlayer.
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